Work – Bicky Corman Law PLLC

Al was terrifically patient, really easy to work with, and insightful, able to gently extract out of me exactly what I wanted, even though I didn’t know it. I have enthusiastically referred folks to him. — Bicky Corman

Bicky Corman was starting her own independent firm focused on energy and environmental law. Bicky needed brand development, stationery, email signature, a website, and an email template for distributing legal updates. I worked with Bicky and Pat Palmer, her content strategist, to design a color palette and logo that reflected her personality and areas of expertise. Bicky’s unique logo mark, with its light bulb and water drop, represents the type of work she does. These elements also found their way into her website to add a hint of texture. Bicky’s website uses an easy to navigate structure while the content serves as a qualifier and promoter of her legal services.