Logo and Brand Identity

Maybe you have a logo, but it isn’t working in all mediums. Perhaps your business is merging with another and you need to update all your internal and external materials to reflect your new name and identity. Or, maybe you don’t have a logo – or you aren’t happy with the one you’ve got. Whatever the case may be, working together we can craft a logo and identity system that reflects your business and its core values.

If you don’t already have a logo or clear branding guidelines, this is our starting point. From here a suite of materials – all designed and integrated to work together – can be created.

Website Strategy, Design & Development

Your website should fit in with your business strategy – and work to solve appropriate business challenges. Before talking about design and functionality, we’ll dive into how your website can work for your business. Once we’ve determined what your website should do for your business and your customers, an engaging experience will be crafted that works across small and large screens alike.

Photography and Video Production

Photography and video can be a powerful way to communicate with your clients. Whether for instructional, educational or marketing purposes, having photography and videography that is consistent with your other business materials is a key way to communicate your brand and business messaging.


All materials used to promote your business should feel like they belong together – a cohesive set of documents, presentations and other collateral. PowerPoint presentations are no exception. Don’t settle for the stock templates and themes that ship with PowerPoint. A branded PowerPoint template is an important tool in business today. Let’s work together to create a branded template that can accommodate your presentation needs.

And more…

Wait! I didn’t mention that project that is keeping you up at night? Chances are, I have the experience of producing a project like the one you need to get done. Reach out and see how we can work together to move your projects – and your business – forward!

Let’s work together…

…to create a memorable brand and a system of streamlined materials to strategically position your company.