Al Avery

Avery Design works with boutique and small- to mid-sized law firms and other professional service companies that have small – sometimes no – marketing team. Starting as an in-house digital marketing manager with AmLaw50 firms over a decade ago, I recently shifted my focus to working with smaller and boutique firms. Working with these smaller (and often more nimble) firms, I found I could partner closely with firm leadership and serve them more fully, bringing a unified approach to their design and marketing.

I work with marketing directors, managers, and other firm leaders – sometimes this is all the same person! – to develop a cohesive set of marketing materials. I work closely with my clients, ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of the use of their materials and best practices.

I have earned the trust of my clients by listening to their needs; being a reliable partner; providing sound advice; and by focusing on solutions to their problems.

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